Danielides Space Science Consulting


Danielides Space Science Consulting is an independent, one man-owned business dedicated to helping companies, administrators, scientists and educators succeed. Dr. Michael Danielides, the owner and lead consultant, runs a fast-paced practice active in the following areas:

  • Space physics (near Earth space environment) and related sciences
  • Consulting space weather and climate change related tasks
  • Satellite navigation and communication related issues
In day-to-day business Danielides Space Science Consulting is involved with:
  • Public Outreach in Astronomy
  • University and college level physics classes on demand
  • Young scientist coaching
  • K-12 science education at the astronomical observatory Demmin (e.g. astronomy and physics related topics)

Contact details:


Danielides Space Science Consulting

Dr. Michael A. Danielides, Dipl.-Phys.
Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Strasse 11
D-17129 Bentzin

E-Mail: michael@danielides.com
Office: +49-(0)3998-2097714
Mobile: +49-(0)151-53084028